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Founded in 1990 AMMEX™ IMPOTS Income Taxes is located in Gatineau. Our friendly trilingual (french, english and arabic) services include the preparation of Federal, Provincial, personal and corporate income tax returns. Through the years, previous and new clients have come to AMMEX™ IMPOTS Personnel Taxes because the friendly and confidential service provided is accurate, professional, and affordable. Even though some of our clients move across the country or overseas, they continue to contact AMMEX™ IMPOTS Personnel Taxes for their income tax preparation each year. EFILE, an added service to our clients free of cost enables the clients to receive their notice of assessment and/or refund from Revenue Canada and/or Revenue Québec in about two weeks. This service is also environmental friendly. We are one of the first accounting office credible by Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Québec to transmit income tax return electronically (EFILE). Our client enjoys this service at no cost. Our clients are still confident about the service they will receive in the event Canada Revenue Agency and/or Revenue Québec might question some part of their income tax returns. An experienced AMMEX™ IMPOTS Personnel Taxes professional work very hard for tax savings and provide personalized advice to accomplish the best tax results.